Notes From My Retreat: Day 1

I went on retreat earlier this month. You can read a little bit about it here.

It is a beautiful, magical place filled with silence and divinity.


Here is a draft of something I wrote when I arrived:

2017 Retreat; Big Sur

This is where

I spent my 40th birthday.

This is where I fought to be.

This is where I scale the mountain,

time and time and time again.

This is where I wrote him the letter

he never opened.

This is where I loved myself

when no one else did.

This is where want and passion

burned a hole in my heart.

This is where you fell in love with me

the sun setting before us

the moon rising behind us.

This is where I have slept days away

or not slept at all.

This is where I’ve cried so much

the tears washed away any memory

of the reason why.

This is where I have transcended

doubt and fear

death and grief.

This is where

I begin again.


With wishes for magic,


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