Hello, 2018!

New Year’s Greetings to you, my friends!

I hope the first three days of 2018 have been good to you. I’ve been busy purging, researching, and getting caught up on stacks of reading material.


It feels good to finally be coming out of the funk I have been in for many weeks. Even though I had experienced a strange ennui for weeks before it happened, the death of my dear friend Dee just before Thanksgiving definitely deepened my depression.

My 50th birthday disco party, Studio 50, while extremely fun, also affected my funk level (and not in the good funk kinda way – though we did have a blast throwing down the funk!) 

Then, it took me a while to get into the holiday spirit and working until the Friday before Christmas didn’t give me any room to settle into it. Between the short run-up to the big day, the warm weather we had here in Cali, and not having my kids with me until Christmas day,  I struggled to keep get the cheer going.

But here we are now…a new year!


As you may imagine, I have spent a lot of time thinking about what I want this year to bring – for me and my loved ones. While I’m not that invested in resolutions – I know myself and know I don’t stick to most of them – I did make a short list this year.

I want to simplify my life (this is an on-going quest!) and so I wanted to keep my list as sweet and short as I could.

Here it is – I intend to expand on each resolution/intention in more detail in upcoming posts.

2018 resolutions:

  1. love my family better

  2. be a better friend

  3. learn french

  4. teach adults instead of children

  5. submit my chapbook for publication over and over

  6. play competitive tennis

Do you set intentions or make resolutions? I’d love to hear yours!


2 thoughts on “Hello, 2018!

  1. Thank you for your raw, honest expressions about your observations on this thing we (get to) do everyday-live. Although I was not as close as many were to Dee, her passing as affected me dramatically.
    So, after thinking about this affect and trying to make meaning of the death of one of the most kind and loving individuals I have EVER known, I’ve come up with this new years resolution list:

    I’m going be more like the way Dee lived, loved and taught by example.

    I’m going to DEE-side to:
    be kinder
    I’m going to DEE-side to:
    smile more
    I’m going to DEE-side to:
    love on my family and loved ones more
    I’m going to DEE-side to:
    give myself some credit where credit is due
    I’m going to DEE-side to:
    welcome strangers
    I’m going to DEE-side to:
    see the best in every situation
    I’m going to DEE-side to:
    be here now

    What about you-all that love and learned from Dee? What are you going to DEE-side to do in her honor in 2018 and beyond? The list can be endless.Pick 1 or 20 of her amazing qualities and shower her love and inspiration, through you, into this world.

    I might even design a T-shirt:
    DEE-side to live full of life. Any Graphic artists out there?


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