February Blogging Challenge: Day 2 ~ Share Your Career Journey

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is an image representing my career journey:


Ha! Right? The sad thing is, this is basically accurate!

My so-called “career journey” has been more like a career spasm. Or a series of misguided adventures, some slightly more successful than others.

Let me start by listing things I have wanted to be when I grow up:

  • a ballerina
  • a cashier
  • an Arabian horse trainer
  • a child psychologist
  • a journalist
  • a news anchor
  • an elementary school teacher
  • an athletic counselor
  • a travel agent/tour guide
  • a forensic psychologist
  • a diplomat
  • an author
  • a workshop leader (writing, courage, meditation)

The reality is I have done many of those things – in one form or another.

Over the years I have worked as a retail salesperson, a restaurant hostess, cocktail server, food server, personal trainer, women’s health counselor, coach, teacher, equine guided education assistant, administrative assistant (making travel arrangements!) and freelance writer – writing this blog, other blogs, ghostwriting, reporting news, a monthly column, copy/content, fiction, poetry, etc.

I have never really stuck with one thing, much to my detriment, I believe. But, hey, I get bored!

I’m not afraid of quitting and starting again. I’m not afraid of free-falling. I’m not afraid of failing. I’m not afraid of being broke. Tired of it maybe, but not afraid.

And what do I do now?

You know, as I write this, I realize I am actually pretty darn happy with my (non-existent) career.

Right now (read: this month) I have a steady writing gig that I enjoy. I make a few extra dollars with my re-selling business (I am a thrifter, and I re-sell my finds. I’m about to launch my etsy shop full of French and French-inspired goods…once my logo is finished.) #staytuned #laboutiquefrenchic

I get to work from home, I can take my son to school, watch my kids’ sports, take a couple days off to chaperone/drive on my daughter’s upcoming trip to Ashland, Oregon for the Shakespeare Festival…that’s all so good.

Could I use more money? Absolutely. I live on the razor’s edge right now. #nosavings #nosafetynet

But I’m less worried about it than I ever have been. The less I have, the less I worry. Not sure what that is about. I’m really just so thankful to be alive and healthy and that those I love are healthy too. Nothing is promised and money in the bank doesn’t protect you from everything. #anything?

Would I change anything? Maybe.

I would like to feel more creative, to perform spoken word, or poetry readings.

tim-napier-181584Or to write an entertaining book that is optioned by Reese Whitherspoon and made into an original series or movie. #dreambig #fantasy #youneverknow


I would like my French boutique to do well and transition into a mobile boutique perhaps or “require” me to travel to France for buying trips. #whynot?


In the meantime, I’m oddly happy with my career…of career changes.

How about you? Are you happy with your career? 




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