Daily Blog Challenge, Day 4: What’s In My Bag?

First of all, this was supposed to be the second post from my list, but when I looked at the list yesterday I accidentally went with the third one instead of the second. #mybad #numbers

In any event, a) who cares and b) here is today’s post:

What’s In My Bag?

Many of the fashion magazines have a variation on this theme, where some celeb spills the contents of their purse on a table and they take a well-curated photo of what’s in her bag.

This may not be as exciting.

Here is my bag:

An organized hodge-podge

My bag is a #thriftstorefind and says Prada although I don’t think it is authentic! It’s actually made of very nice suede and leather, so I guess it is possible, in which case I really scored and really feel horrible that it is so dingy.

Here are the contents – my Chloe sunglass case, which is another thrift store find and does not hold Chloe sunglasses. However, it is really sturdy and big enough to fit any of my big sunglasses. I usually have several because I am a mole and am super sensitive to light and also because I taught PE for years and was outside all day.

My sunglasses are all cheapies – Marshall’s finds usually – but I realized yesterday (after dropping the pair I was wearing and popping the lens out) that now that I am not teaching and worried about getting hit with a ball I could actually invest in a nicer pair. #weshallsee #punnyhashtag

Next is my super-cute black and white Kate Spade wallet. A gift from my sweetie’s sister after she upgraded her wallet and I admired this one. She is so generous! Love the black and white and that it’s zippered so even when I forget to zip my change pocket it still stays in the wallet.

OK, what else? My Peepers glasses, because I am not that  blind and may, on occasion, forget my glasses which I now need all the time, even though I don’t have much of a correction. #agerelated #armsaretooshort

My red tinted chapstick, because #redlips. ALWAYS.

My bullet journal, which I don’t always carry with me, but had in there yesterday because I knew we would be at the tennis club for a while and I wanted something to do when sweetie was done playing and we were still hanging out. There is a nice deck and it was a nice day and I needed to get March and April in the book.

I also brought my pens and pencils for that, which are wrapped in the black Niji case.

Finally, my zippered black case which is basically full of all the other crap you would find at the bottom of your bag. I have this so when I switch bags (based on mood, outfit, weather, occasion) I can easily transfer this into the new bag and still have my essentials with me.

What are my essentials you ask? Well, rosebud salve is good as a mousturizer, lip balm and smell good with it’s light rose scent.

Gin-gins for when I get an upset tummy – motion sickness or too much rich food.

Quest bar for when I haven’t eaten well or enough and start to bonk. I will crash fast and hard if I don’t eat properly.

My pink pen and pen that looks like a pencil with an inspirational saying on it. Found these at Marshall’s one day and love them. The other ones say stuff like Be Creative. 

My little compact purchased at the Eiffel Tower gift shop a few years ago.

Plus a checkbook, random lipsticks, Myntz, more pens and probably a pair of tweezers. #whiskeralert #menopause #theygrowfast

One thing is missing:

A book. I always have a book with me. It’s not in the bag because I took it out this morning to read.  🙂

Well, there you have it – an up close and personal look into my organized yet overpacked bag.

Now, back to reading my book…


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