Day 8 – What are your most epic failures (and how did you overcome them)?

Oh Honey, this is just too easy! It’s as easy to list my failures as it was difficult to list my successes yesterday.


I’m going to have to stick to a list without long descriptions or we will be here all day…

Here we go, in roughly chronological order:

1. I missed going to Nationals in the 100-meter hurdles as a freshman in college by less than 1/100th of a second. #soclose


I’m so old these were the stopwatches we used!


2. I dropped out of college after my sophomore year. And quit running track. #twoyearhiatus #UofA


This is what I did instead – trained for a bodybuilding contest!


3. My first marriage fell apart.



4. I took a job with a horrible boss that I sucked at which killed my professional self-esteem for years. #ihadnightmares #iwenttotherapy #sodidmycoworkers


5. I tried to start several businesses that never even puttered along, let alone took off. #RIP #TheMommyLane #WritewithJessica #RoseWriteAlong

6. I wrote a book that didn’t become a bestseller (and needed a lot more work to be good).  #sadface #delusionsofgrandeur #but50shadeswasshittoo


7. I went bankrupt. Literally.


8. I have not gotten jobs that I would have been great at, and have take jobs I shouldn’t have. A lot of those felt like epic fails.


Trust me, there are more…many more!



How Did I Overcome Them?

Over the years I have refined my recipe for overcoming failure – real or perceived. It involves the following:



I like to let myself wallow in sadness and self-recrimination. Licking of wounds is encouraged only after prolonged prodding and repeated poking.



So good, and goes well with sleep/naps/hibernating. Also pairs well with doing nothing. #nada #nope #nyet #yeano #sorrynotsorry



This is how my soul speaks to me. That zany little girl who could be anything she dreamt of. I also hear from ancestors, the dearly departed, and the Crone Guides while I am trying to quiet my monkey mind. Sometimes I hear them in my bones. Or my heart.

Bathe in Nature


I don’t mean literally bathe in nature, although I am 100% positive that would be helpful too. I just mean immerse yourself in nature. #justwalkthedogs #walktotheliquorstore

There you have it.

No mud (and by mud I mean failure), no lotus (and by lotus I mean gratitude and contentment). 


Are you like me? Is it easier to list your failures than your successes?


Still learning,




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