Day 10 – What Does a Typical Day Look Like?

I have my kids half the time, so I’ll share with you a typical weekday when I have them:

7-7:30 I get up, brush my teeth and throw some sweats and a baseball cap on before I stumble out to the kitchen #bedhead

7:40 Coffee – I take it black, like my heart.

7:43 make sure my son is up and I take the dogs out – making sure they go “all the way down” and don’t poop near my garden! The little one is less of an issue, but the big one is lazy and wants to poop as close to the door as possible. #baddog #onthepathtomysheshed

7:50 Then I make my son’s breakfast and help pack his lunch and off we go to school!

8:05 get back home, bring coffee to my sweetie and give him the day’s weather forecast.

8:10 Peruse my social media accounts and read my emails with the little dog in my lap. #laptime

8:30 Start work – or start searching for work. It depends on what I have going on. Right now I have a writing gig, but when I don’t I am looking for work! #hustle #freelancelife #willwriteformoney

If I sold stuff on my online shop (on eBay or my work in progress french shop)!i will pack it up and head to the post office around 3, otherwise I work until it’s time to go play tennis or walk the dogs – usually 5:00.

After tennis, if it’s a night we don’t have the kids we go out to dinner, come home and watch TV until about 10:30, then go to bed.

We watch a lot of reality TV like Real Housewives, Top Chef, Project Runway and House Hunters International.

Sweetie has to watch TV to fall asleep (HATE THIS) so I doze off while he watches Shameless or Grace and Frankie.

That’s a typical day, but I like having the freedom to change it up whenever I want. Freedom is very important to me. I value it more than money.

Some times I meet a friend for a walk along the beach, meet my dad and aunt for coffee or take a substitute teaching job. I can putz in the garden, read or nap if that’s the kind of day…

I guess you’d say I’m cash poor but rich in everything else!



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