Daily Blog Challenge: Day 11 – What is your idea of the “perfect” day?

There are a lot of options for what makes a “perfect” day. In fact, today was a pretty good one!

We slept in and then all walked to brunch  — me, the sweetie, and the kids. #familytime #goodfood #exercise


Then we walked home, chilled out together in the living room for a while, laughing and joking around.

Then sweetie ran some errands, the son worked on a school project and the daughter and I watched a movie. #mudbound #nowiwantoreadthebook #bloodboiling

And tonight I am going to dinner with my daughter and sister before we go to a concert! #hulas #jboog #dancetilyousweat


Then we will come home to a good night’s rest, and we get to sleep in tomorrow too because the kids don’t have school. #bonus #thanksAbe

Family + Food + Fun = Perfect Day. #morethanonewaytoperfect

Hope you’ve had a great weekend too!



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