Daily Blog Challenge: Day 12 – If you could have lunch with one person, who would it be?

I’m so sorry this post didn’t get up on time. I had every intention of getting it posted last night, but something happened…

You can’t really see it, but that is where I ate shit on the tennis court last night.

I went for a low ball and as I was sprinting towards it I had to lean down to get it and…well, I just kept leaning forward and the lean turned into a bruising fall.

I knocked the wind out of myself after falling on both knees and my right shoulder.

It hurt.

I laid there for a while and tried to get the air back in my lungs. I was sure I had skinned my hands and ripped my sweats (it was cold out, so thankfully I had pants on!)

Once I got my air back and felt good enough to crack jokes about how my big boobs saved me from breaking my ribs I saw my hands were fine and sweetie helped me stand up.

Mostly I was embarrassed- especially when I heard players in the other court asking I was ok…#redfaced

I think I strained an intercostal or pec muscle, but thankfully my shoulder is fine and my ribs seem ok too.

My knee wasn’t as lucky…

So we wrapped up the night with a little dinner where I had two double Moscow mules to dull the pain. #itworked

I took some pm Tylenol before sweetie helped me get undressed and get into bed.

The left side of my body feels fine, but the right side feels like it was hit hard.

My knee this morning:

I’m walking a little gingerly and can’t bend over and if I sneeze or cough I want to cry, but other than that I’m great!

Feeling Old,


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