Daily Blog Challenge: Day 15 – What Makes You Happy?

First off…what the heck? I can’t seem to stay on track with this one blog post a day thing! Here we are, it’s only the 16th and I am already off track! Grrr…#whatswrongwithme

I’m amazed I was able to write a poem every single day last year – trying to keep up with this little self-imposed challenge is hard enough. (This also probably explains why I can’t get rid of that “last 10  20″ pounds.) #ohwell #lifeisshort #moveon #biggerfishtofry

OK, now that I have publicly berated myself for failing to keep up with an entirely self-fabricated challenge let’s move on, shall we?


Here are some things that make me happy, in no particular order:

  • The afternoon nap, preferably on the couch, with the doors open when it’s warm and a blanket when it’s cool. Usually accompanied by an open book and at least one furry animal. Highlighted by heavy sunlight coming through the window at an angle. #bliss
  • Possibility – you know, that undeniably intoxicating feeling when the stars align and the calendar is open and your heart feels strong and you know you could do anything you put your mind to? Yes, that feeling. It makes me happy.
  • A stack of unread magazines and nothing to do and nowhere to be. What can I say? I’m a simple girl. Basically, my happiness boils down to two things: words and time. #bam #mantra


  • #andfood – ’cause I LOVE going out for breakfast! It’s ironic because as a kid I hated going out for breakfast, but whenever we went on a camping trip or some sort of an adventure we usually left early, drove for a few hours, then stopped for breakfast. But I hated eggs and danishes are gross and so I hated it. But not anymore! Now I love it – totally one of my favorite things to do and it’s not just because of mimosas either! #theytotallyhelp
  • Sunny spring days, when you can smell the grass and the sun is warm on your face, but it’s still cool and the breeze makes you move in closer to whomever you are standing next to. Unless it’s a stranger and then that’s just uncomfortable. #betterifitsyoursweetie


  • The scent of Narcissus when you are walking through the farmer’s market in the Spring and they have tables full of the bright blossoms. #theysmelllikesunshine


  • And what about belly laughs? Bonus if I am sharing them with my kids! #bethefamilythatlaughstogether
  • I get pretty damn happy when I discover a good thrift shop, or make some great find. Like these super-cute Rae Dunn espresso cups. #gottasellthem #cantkeepeverything


#raedunn #thriftstorescore


Oh my gosh you guys…there is so much more that makes me happy!

It’s a neverending list…

  • Catching a beautiful sunrise
  • A beautiful sunset
  • The sound of rain on the rooftop
  • A full moon
  • Seeing a red-tailed hawk up close
  • Meeting a new person and you instantly “click” (as in girlfriends, these days!)priscilla-du-preez-234138


  • Reading a good book that sweeps me away
  • Champagne
  • Planning a trip
  • A clean house
  • Adventures near and far, big and small
  • Getting a handwritten letter or card in the mail

  • Paying off a bill! #crossitoffthelist
  • That first cup of coffee
  • The smell of horsenigel-tadyanehondo-204027

Honestly, I feel like I could go on and on…

Just writing this post makes me feel happy! I’m grateful that there is so much to be happy about – little things that bring me joy, if even for a short instant. #itsallfleeting

The trick, I believe, is to pay attention. To notice the small, seemingly insignificant things that raise your vibration, even just a little.

There are so many things in everyone’s lives that make us sad, or angry, or pessimistic about the future. There are innocents gunned down and wonderful humans stricken with cancer. Friends and family go through difficult changes. Bills come, stocks fall, housing costs rise…#thereissomuchtostressabout

I believe that ^^^^ all makes it even more important to appreciate the little things that make you happy. There is something in every moment, isn’t there?

Like right now, my neighbor who is learning to play the saxophone just started his daily lesson. Sure, it could annoy me, like it does others in my house who shall remain nameless #ahem #youjustmethim but to me? It’s sweet. The warbling. The stopping and starting. The same tune played each day at about the same time. There is something so…optimistic about it.

And that makes me happy.


And Paris! How could I forget Paris? Just thinking about it makes me happy! #Parismerendheureux      



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