Daily Blog Challenge: Day 18 – I should re-brand this as the “Several Blogs a Week Challenge”

For some truth in advertising. #honestyisthebestpolicy

Today I’ve been thinking about aging (my tennis fall crash has me feeling old and vulnerable)…


at least my bruises are healing!

…my Vespa (I feel even more timid of riding her now) and being forced to slow down – which, in my opinion, is never a bad thing. #presentineverymoment

For example, right now as I write this, the sliding glass door is partially open and I can hear the wind in the trees. The weather pattern is set to change drastically in the next few hours and it is noticeable – if you’re paying attention. The cotton ball clouds are slowly drifting seaward, pine and oak branches are swaying, and the light is different than it was yesterday. #payingattention #soakitup



And instead of a post about our favorite binge-worthy shows (FYI: right now we are watching The Americans and Grace & Frankie)…


…I’ll tell you a little bit about our day trip to Carmel. Sweetie wanted to check out a dream watch, so we stopped at the corner jeweler.


And then to a late lunch at our favorite spot to eat, Dametra Cafe.


The best dolmas we have ever had, and they are served hot. #yummers



Turkish coffee, so thick and strong! 


I found a great consignment shop and was tempted by a beautiful red Burberry bag. A couple doors down was a great little bookshop #dreambusiness


We drove to Carmel instead of taking the motorcycle down like we had initially planned because my shoulder/intercostals are still so sore I can’t take a deep breath. #nothappy

Turned out to be a good idea for several reasons:

  1. It was extra windy on the way there.
  2. There was an amazing amount of traffic – apparently, President’s Day is a bigger weekend in Carmel than the AT&T Pro-Am weekend according to our friend who owns the very popular restaurant Dametra.
  3. It started to rain (!!!) while we were there.
  4. On the way home, we came across an accident that had just happened involving a motorcycle. I hate seeing those, and this one looked bad.


I hope they are all OK




PS: If you ever find yourself in the Monterey Bay Area and want information on accommodations, restaurants, or things to do or see email meI’d love to let you in on my favorite spots developed over a lifetime of living here. 😉

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