Abstinence April

No, not THAT kind of abstinence!

What do you think I am, crazy??? #lovetoloveyoubaby


What I’m talking about is abstaining from shopping. ‘Cause I like to shop. Like, really.

Not full price shopping, but second-hand, yard-sale, thrift shop shopping. That seeking for the superfind kind of shopping.

I can’t go by a thrift shop without stopping. Goodwill, Hope Thrift, Savers…you name it, I can NOT resist their siren song.


Books, French style clothes and knick knacks for my shop, oh man, all that is my weakness! I’m in my happy place when I am flipping through the racks! #happyhappyjoyjoy


I’ve got a lot of inventory I need to get listed in the shop and I’ve run out of space to store it in. #lotsoffrenchstuff #gottagetcaughtup


And, to be honest, I need to rein it in. I’ve been a little more spendy than makey lately and I want to see if curbing my addiction for a month gives me some breathing room.

So I made one last purchase today (of course, ’cause that’s how I roll…) and that is it for the next 30 days! #wishmeluck

The Search for More….Space

Actually, I know it will give me breathing room, the question is how much breathing room? 

I really think I will be surprised to see how much more I have after a month of not spending…and not just more money, but more space.


My piggy is hungry! 


Yes, more money for honey at the end of the month is a goal, but I also want to give myself some space to sort through (and sell!) the goodies I have stashed in bins and boxes and closets and corners…

I also want the mental space that comes with cleaning house, both literally and figuratively. #lightenup #springcleaning


So the second part of the equation this month is to purge and I began that today.

I rearranged the living room, pulled stacks and stacks of books from the bookshelves, and tossed several folders of magazine pages I had pulled and saved.

IMG_7829 2
Cleared and cleaned!


B9C64BBE-5926-4034-BAA8-CED693A01398 2
Books, books, and more books!

Next up: extra dishes, rarely-worn shoes, jewelry (that will be difficult!), another closet purge, and going through drawers that hide more stacks of magazines and things I’ve saved to read “at a later date.”


Oh yeah – I also painted a bench today – one that I’ve been planning to paint since last summer! #yayme


Phew! Time to pour a glass of wine and hang out with the sweetie…

What about you? Have you been bitten by the Spring Cleaning bug?


Enjoying the space,


3 thoughts on “Abstinence April

  1. Nothing better than a good clean out! I need to switch out my winter clothes for summer ones- the joy of a small closet. But it gives me a chance to clean out twice a year.
    Best wishes for your challenge! Stay strong!


    1. Thank you! I know it’s gonna be tough! 😬 Our weather here is so mild there isn’t an opportunity for that closet switch…I just rip through my closet whenever the mood hits!


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