Where in the World am I?

In a funny way, in the way things often go, the last post I wrote on April 8 was prescient.
I wrote it after reading the book Present Over Perfect and shared some of the quotes pulled from the book.
Like this one:
if someone gave you a completely blank calendar and a bank account as full as you wanted, what would you do? 
I also talked about “the hustle” (not the dance) that I can’t do, but the life that I have lived for the past two years or so. Working as a freelancer, I’ve constantly been on the hunt for new opportunities.
If I wasn’t actually writing, I was looking for writing work.
If I wasn’t working as a personal/marketing/admin assistant I was busy looking for opportunities – updating my resume to reflect the latest skills used or learned; networking; searching job sites and hidden boards on social media.
It was a lot of work with little financial reward, to be honest. (At least for me.)
But, the thing is, most of the time I didn’t mind being broke. I got really good at not thinking about it and, truthfully, just having faith that it would all work out — and most of the time it did. Sure, it was mere steps before the finish line, or at the 11th hour, but work out it did, nonetheless.
short view.jpg
As long as you took the short view, that is.
Because I was robbing Peter to pay Paul, for sure. I owe taxes. I am in a very deep hole financially, with no safety net.
But as long as I didn’t take the long view, or think about retirement, or my kids’ college or the possibility of braces, I was fine. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, yo.

And then…it happened.
A job offer. A GOOD job offer. With a good company, with good benefits, in a commutable location, with an interesting product.
And GREAT pay.
job offer
Dear Reader, I said yes. 

And so, I have been absent from the blog (and my couch, and long walks with the dog, and quality time with the sweetie…) and have been here, at a desk – albeit a very nice one that, with the push of a button,  becomes a standing desk – and top of the line technology…laptop, phone, miscellaneous tech do-dads.
Great food (free), lovely co-workers on a close-knit team doing exciting work.
Just in case you wondered where I ran off to! 😉
Which brings me back to this idea:
if someone gave you a completely blank calendar and a bank account as full as you wanted, what would you do? 
Because I no longer have a completely blank calendar, one that I can fill, or not fill, as I wish.
While the full bank account is not there either, I am making a dent in my debt, one small step at a time.
With my dance card so full with work and driving to and from work and being tired from work, I need to figure out a way to include what is important to me around the edges of those 50 hours each week.
Plus, I’m tired and like to sleep.
It takes so much longer to read a book – so now I listen to them while I’m in the car.
I am taking a French Language class, so I also listen to French lesson podcasts in the car and French radio. I’m in a little grey French pod as I drive along the road!
But there are other things that are important to me that I haven’t been fitting in too well.
Like exercise, and time with the sweetie (me sawing logs on the couch while he watches our favorite shows doesn’t quite cut the mustard I’m told.) And time with my rapidly growing kids.
Plus the things I was struggling to fit in before I took on this gig – like time with friends and family and writing for myself.
So my marching orders now are to determine what – out of the long list of interests and wants and desires that I have (add yoga and meditation and game night and day trips on the motorcycle and walks with friends and getting my scooter license to the list)  – which of those are most important to me?
Once I determine what is most important to me – to my core identity – then I have to figure out a way to fit them (it?) into ma vie quotidian ( my daily life), and still do the top-level work this job expects of me.
I’ve no choice but to say: Challenge accepted. 

And what about you?

What are you trying to fit into your daily life?

How do you decide what gets your attention? 

I’d like to know!
Until next time,

One thought on “Where in the World am I?

  1. Hi Jessica!! I am so happy for you! Sounds like an amazing job you scored. I’m positive you’ll find the right balance between your work & social life. It will just take some time to get used to!

    Also, where I live, you can ride a scooter around with just a driver’s license & registration! No need for a separate scooter license. Unless you drive a fast one, then you need a motorcycle license.

    Anyways, so nice to hear from you. Especially that you’re doing well!!! ♡♡♡


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