Let’s Get This [frugal] Party Started!

Oh you guys, so much has been going on. I don’t even know where to start, I really don’t.

You can catch up a little bit if you follow my Instagram account. That will clue you in a little bit!

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I also I just wrote this post on my simple living blog, a simple rebellion.

I promise to catch you up soon, but I’ve been overwhelmed with the funk, and then I got fired (which was a good thing, believe it or not. No migraines since I left!) and then I started to come out of the deep, dark depression I was in…

Then this happened:


…and now I am just working on a financial plan – which of course involves deciding what to do next!

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Stay Tuned….



2 thoughts on “Let’s Get This [frugal] Party Started!

  1. Congratulations on the plan to get out of debt! That’s huge! Just having a path to follow is such a mental relief. I must dust off my library card and get back into the habit, rather than enriching the coffers of the friendly algorithms at the company who must not be named but gets you anything your heart desires in two days or less. I look forward to hearing more about your financial fitness journey!


    1. Thank you! I’m just getting started, but hopefully it will pay off…(pun intended!) I LOVE the library! Saves me so much in impulse purchases, because books are DEFINITELY my weakness. I have more than I can ever read, so I try to “shop my bookshelf” just as much as I “shop my closet”!


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