Live Reading: A Prayer for Faith

A Prayer for Faith

A wise woman told me 

If you’re going to be a faith-keeper 

you better step out on 


Though sometimes faith 

appears a just a thin sheet of ice

spread over the water

tenuous at best 

on the first day of 


Do you notice how it 

shimmers at dawn?

Can you feel it beckon to you?

Daring you to


the watery depths. 

It could be a mirage you want to be real 

the answer to all your worries

if it isn’t, if it won’t be, its


You’ve been here before, 

but last time you walked away,

the time before that you backed away, 

the time before that you ran 


the time before that 

you couldn’t even see 

the invitation, let alone 

realize it 


So know this: yes, you have made progress 

but this time there is no turning back 

this time it’s now or 


this time 

the universe means it 

if you are not going to grab at the brass ring

she’s going to turn the carousel 


and give away your seat 

on the carved blue horse 

to someone else


reach sister

believe momma 

take that step 


step out onto the thin skin of 

melting ice dressed in nothing 

but faith and show the rest of us 

it can be 


  • jessica johnson 2020

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