Got Silence?

The first time I went on a silent retreat was ten years ago.   It was over the weekend of my 40th birthday. When I told my then husband that I wanted to spend $300 to go away for four days of writing and silence and leave him with our children –  who were two […]

100 Miles From Here: living la vita italiana in santa cruz

I love Italian food. Risotto patiently prepared with tender green asparagus. Handcrafted papardelle with a deep, complex gravy. And the caffé, of course! Luckily, there are some amazing Italian restaurants in #SantaCruz and we just added a new one to our “go-to” list! Lago di Como is not just named after one of my most […]

100 Miles From Here: A Sunday in the East Bay

I’ve had an intense couple of weeks. And they are not letting up. First off, I injured my back (remember kids, always lift with your legs!) and that has rendered me practically immobile for the last 2 weeks. I am not a good immobile person. Not being able to move without pain makes me grumpy. […]