Between Optimism and Despair

    I am neither here, nor there. I vacillate between optimism and despair. Between 100% belief in myself and my ambitious plan and then stunning apathy.     It hasn’t been a year yet. I’ve come so far. Look at all I’ve accomplished: I’ve written my monthly column for a year and a half. […]

My Poem a Day Project: Catching Up

My poem a day project has been going well. Each day I find just a few moments to settle myself. Breathe a few deep breaths. And let whatever comes to mind come to mind. On January 10th it was this: I remembered what my life was once like; when I played teeny tiny and tentatively […]

Post Angry Post: What I Am Up To

A few nights ago I was at a dear friend’s house for a vision board party. (if you don’t know what the heck that is, you can read about the one I hosted for our 2016 visions here.)  Over the course of the evening,  my friend asked what I was up to these days. You […]

Happy New Year or Time to Refocus

Welcome back! It’s been a while since I last posted. I needed the break. I was definitely feeling a little whirling dervish-y and not in a good “I am getting closer to God” kinda way. Considering it was the start of my 48th year, the holiday season, and the new year all rolled in to […]

I’m Walking My Talk or Why I Feel a Little Nauseous

Last week I talked a big game. You know, how it was time to quit doing all this planning and researching and taking of e-courses.How it was past time to take my own bull by the horns and just freakin’ do it! I may have used a cuss word. #sorrynotsorry I hope the strong language […]

New Year’s Resolutions or Not to Brag, but I Have One Already

Yup, it’s true. I already have a New Year’s Resolution. Wanna hear it? My New Year’s Resolution is to stop reading self-help books. Stop downloading everyone’s free e-book. Don’t sign up for anymore 21-day courses in Manifestation. Creativity. Finding my Passion. Building My Business. Growing My List. I don’t even have a freakin’ business…or list. […]