Favorite Tidbits from Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist

I recently came across this book on one of my thrift store adventures. You know how something leaps out at you and you just grab it without really thinking about it? Well, that happened to me with this book. And it wasn’t a big risk since it was, like, $1.98. #bonus #guiltfree Of course, the […]

Fearless Writing Challenge; Day 10 or Walking the Walk

I’ll be honest, right about now I am thinking I am a little nuts for committing to this challenge. I mean, truth be told, some most days I am writing the poem of the day in bed at 11:55. Here’s a secret: On those nights I joke that I am going to use my emergency poem that […]

Between Optimism and Despair

    I am neither here, nor there. I vacillate between optimism and despair. Between 100% belief in myself and my ambitious plan and then stunning apathy.     It hasn’t been a year yet. I’ve come so far. Look at all I’ve accomplished: I’ve written my monthly column for a year and a half. […]