Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 84: Ghost of Halloweens Past

I’m still under the weather, so forgive me for the lazy post… Since it is Halloween night and we have had hardly any trick-or-treaters here, I am sharing some of my most recent costumes: This one is from my first Halloween after moving out: I called her SuperSlut. #impeccabletaste   This was one year on my way […]

Happy New Year or Time to Refocus

Welcome back! It’s been a while since I last posted. I needed the break. I was definitely feeling a little whirling dervish-y and not in a good “I am getting closer to God” kinda way. Considering it was the start of my 48th year, the holiday season, and the new year all rolled in to […]

Hello Stranger

Dear Reader, Please accept my apologies for being such a blog-slacker! Has it really been two weeks since I posted last? In my humble defense I present the following facts: Mom was moved into a skilled nursing facility (sad, good, different, jolting) It was Christmas Eve (crab, french bread, salad, 1.25 bottles of champagne per […]