Who Do I Write For? Or thoughts on picking a “niche”.

There’s this idea out there – in Freelance Writer Land – that you are better off having a “niche” or a “speciality” if you are to be successful as a freelancer. While I, admittedly,  struggle with this idea, I do believe it is vital to have that clarity and understanding. Now, we all know (you […]

My Wish: On Bravery and Dreams

I love to write.  It’s that simple. This blog is about my lifelong journey as a writer, but also about my quest for bravery. I have struggled and fallen many, many times. I have been divorced twice. I have filed bankruptcy. I have left jobs and careers with nothing on the horizon other than a […]

Doses of Inspiration or “Did you know you can follow me on Instagram?”

I don’t know if you knew this, but every once in a while, when I hear something juicy and inspiring, or if I need an extra kick in the pants (like, when don’t I, really?) I will create a little meme and share it on my social media. Something like this quote by one of […]