Fearless Writing Challenge; Day 91: Change is Coming

Have you missed me? I took a few days off, perhaps you noticed. I’m at the end of my headcold. I feel silly for whining about it, especially when I have friends and family who have very real health issues, and I am complaining about a cold. In other words, I am very thankful that’s all […]

Fearless Writing Challenge: Day 73 – That Time I Donated a Kidney

Have I told you about the time I donated a kidney? This might be a new bit of information for you, so let me tell you about it. #livingdonorsrock This is a photo of my sister and me: She is my half-sister in that we have the same mom. She is nearly 11 years younger […]

Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 43: When Looking Backwards Helps You Move Forward

I spent the day working on a presentation for a job interview I have tomorrow. Part of the process had me looking back over my wide-ranging experience and I ended up re-living the time I wrote a book in six weeks and self-published. #truestory It was actually a really cool exercise because once my sales […]

Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 40: I Thought I Was Drowning.

  I wrote this in a past life. It hurts me to read it again, to go back there. Even in my darkest days now, I am not even close to feeling as lost and alone as I did then. It is good for me to recognize that truth. What follows is one scene from an unhappy […]

Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 39: Mining Old Journals

I have dozens of old journals. In fact, I have the first diary I ever had, complete with a lock. From time to time I will be looking for something specific in an old journal like,  I know I wrote a poem about that or I will flip through and look for lines that would lend […]