Fearless Writing Challenge; Day 18 or Some Days We Rest and That’s OK Too

This is a perfect image of my writing life. And my moods, if I am honest. I am high energy, positive, encouraged, optimistic, feelin’ good for a while and then…. #notsomuch It’s nice being able to ride the waves up and down – that’s a luxury I get working as a freelancer. If I’m having […]

I’m officially a Badass!

Hey Peeps! Wanted to share a bit of AWESOMNESS with you this afternoon – I am honored to be on the cover of April’s BADASSERY MAGAZINE!  Big Props to dear friend and photographer, Michelle Riddle, for the cover-worthy shot. And to the team at Badassery for printing my poem, Pussy Has 9 Lives! #yourock Woot […]

The Power of the Pen

In the 9 months since I embarked (again) on my quest to become a full-time writer, things have been going well. Each month brings new, exciting opportunities to showcase my writing talent and ability.  While it continues to be a roller coaster, with very high highs and plummeting, heart-stopping lows, I wouldn’t trade it for […]

Poem a Day: Day 39 Pussy Has 9 Lives

    Pussy Has 9 Lives The first time I died I was 7. You sat on your front steps Legs spread Dead eyes staring at me As you said Oops, my peenie fell out.   But pussy has 9 lives.   The second time I died I was 13. You looked at me too […]