Just When You Think You Have a Plan…

I have been working diligently for the past couple of months, working on getting past my internal barriers to success (by my definition). I enlisted a life coach, did my homework, made some breakthroughs and feel like I have a much clearer sense of purpose. My purpose in life is to stay present, curious, grateful, and […]

100 Miles From Here: living la vita italiana in santa cruz

I love Italian food. Risotto patiently prepared with tender green asparagus. Handcrafted papardelle with a deep, complex gravy. And the caffé, of course! Luckily, there are some amazing Italian restaurants in #SantaCruz and we just added a new one to our “go-to” list! Lago di Como is not just named after one of my most […]

Back From the Dead, or Darn, Spring Break Was Fun!

Hello, Dear Reader,  Both of those titles would be appropriate, as it turns out. Spring Break was a blast, even though this time last week I was writhing around in my sweaty pj’s feeling horrible and willing myself not to vomit…again. Yuk. Luckily, the worst part of the flu or exorcism or whatever it was […]