Abstinence April

No, not THAT kind of abstinence! What do you think I am, crazy??? #lovetoloveyoubaby What I’m talking about is abstaining from shopping. ‘Cause I like to shop. Like, really. Not full price shopping, but second-hand, yard-sale, thrift shop shopping. That seeking for the superfind kind of shopping. I can’t go by a thrift shop without stopping. Goodwill, […]

100 Miles From Here: A Sunday in the East Bay

I’ve had an intense couple of weeks. And they are not letting up. First off, I injured my back (remember kids, always lift with your legs!) and that has rendered me practically immobile for the last 2 weeks. I am not a good immobile person. Not being able to move without pain makes me grumpy. […]

Back From the Dead, or Darn, Spring Break Was Fun!

Hello, Dear Reader,  Both of those titles would be appropriate, as it turns out. Spring Break was a blast, even though this time last week I was writhing around in my sweaty pj’s feeling horrible and willing myself not to vomit…again. Yuk. Luckily, the worst part of the flu or exorcism or whatever it was […]