Got Silence?

The first time I went on a silent retreat was ten years ago.   It was over the weekend of my 40th birthday. When I told my then husband that I wanted to spend $300 to go away for four days of writing and silence and leave him with our children –  who were two […]

Fearless Writing Challenge; Day 91: Change is Coming

Have you missed me? I took a few days off, perhaps you noticed. I’m at the end of my headcold. I feel silly for whining about it, especially when I have friends and family who have very real health issues, and I am complaining about a cold. In other words, I am very thankful that’s all […]

fearless writing challenge; day 55: sit and be still

I have the hardest time sitting still. I constantly fidget, adjust, and move. #cantsitstill At the Davis football game on Saturday, I changed position every few minutes and had to get up and walk several times. No surprise I have “restless leg syndrome”. I seriously do, it started when I was pregnant with my daughter, […]