Fearless Writing Challenge; Day 22: 10 Things I Forgive Myself For

Today was another low energy day for me. Not sure why or what’s up, but momma said there would be days like this, so I roll with it. While I can. You know as well as I do things are always changing and in flux and one day you can take it easy and watch the […]

Day 6: Final Reflections on the Subject of My Big Boobs

I didn’t realize how angry and objectified comments about my boobs made me feel until I started writing about it. Them. It’s like I have unleashed a lifetime of anger about it. Since I started getting boobs my sophomore year of high school (I was a late bloomer), I’ve been getting unwanted attention from people […]

Fearless Writing Day 5: Where I Rant and Make Crass Comparisons

Yesterday I told you I have big boobs. If you know me you have seen them. And, judging by the comments I have gotten so far, the chances are pretty good that if you are a woman friend of mine you have big boobs too. #sorry  #feelyourpain As I was writing yesterday’s post I began […]

Day 11: An Angry Breakthrough

  The other day (Day 11, or 10, f*** it, I don’t even know at this point) I was driving and felt a wave of anger and exasperation overtake me. Hold on, ’cause I’m about to share it with you. [Warning: Bad words may be used.] I realized that holding on to this B.S. about […]