Day 11: An Angry Breakthrough

  The other day (Day 11, or 10, f*** it, I don’t even know at this point) I was driving and felt a wave of anger and exasperation overtake me. Hold on, ’cause I’m about to share it with you. [Warning: Bad words may be used.] I realized that holding on to this B.S. about […]

Days 7, 8, 9 and 10: On Appreciating My Achilles’ Heel

I ran last week. Well, I ran and walked. I alternated. But still – I ran! It felt so good! This is basically how I feel after I run about 10 meters: Of course,  I immediately feel better about myself once I am running. It’s just the way I am built – running (and by […]

Self-Adoration Day 4 or 5: On Mathematical Errors and Misunderstandings

First of all, I guess this is actually Day FIVE. #mathisnotmystrongpoint I thought of the challenge, posted the first blog post 2 days later, and the actual days of the challenge don’t match up with the number of posts, but what the heck…#whocares #yougetthejist My 21-Day Self-Adoration Challenge ends on my 49th birthday – December […]