Favorite Tidbits from Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist

I recently came across this book on one of my thrift store adventures. You know how something leaps out at you and you just grab it without really thinking about it? Well, that happened to me with this book. And it wasn’t a big risk since it was, like, $1.98. #bonus #guiltfree Of course, the […]

Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 58: Who’s Your Guru?

I read a story about Tony Robbins, the mega-watt coach to billionaires and King of all motivational life coach types, and how he didn’t make it on a sports team in high school. Did he work hard to improve and come back like Michael Jordan did after getting cut from his freshman basketball team? Nope. […]

Poem a Day: Day 39 Pussy Has 9 Lives

    Pussy Has 9 Lives The first time I died I was 7. You sat on your front steps Legs spread Dead eyes staring at me As you said Oops, my peenie fell out.   But pussy has 9 lives.   The second time I died I was 13. You looked at me too […]