The Power of the Pen

In the 9 months since I embarked (again) on my quest to become a full-time writer, things have been going well. Each month brings new, exciting opportunities to showcase my writing talent and ability.  While it continues to be a roller coaster, with very high highs and plummeting, heart-stopping lows, I wouldn’t trade it for […]

Hannele and the Hummingbird

Today I am trying something different. I have done a video for this week’s post! In it, I explain the title of these week’s post (and horribly mispronounce Hannele’s name, I’m sure.)  I also admit to being a little jeals of Liz Gilbert’s mad success as a writer. I even read one of my poems! […]

This Time Last Year or An Appreciation of Progress

I just got back from my second barre class. You’re supposed to feel like this: But I feel like this: Yes, that is a sloth climbing a tree. Seriously guys, within 5 minutes I am dripping sweat and within 20 I am nauseous and looking at the clock to see how much longer I have until the […]

On Following Your Dreams: not everyone will understand and that’s OK

    I’m always drawn to the articles in magazines that profile women who left their jobs to pursue their dreams of farming lavender in Provence or operating a cooking school in Tuscany. The true-life tales of women who made a big career change when they realized their job no longer fulfilled them. The ones who […]

The Three P’s of Success: Plan, Pause and Pace.

Apparently, one of the best hooks for a blog post is some sort of list with a catchy title like: Three Keys to Overnight Success or The Three Critical Success Factors or Three Steps to Success to Take NOW!  My first thought when I read this “expert tip” was Really?! Ugh. That seems lame.  Yet there I was, […]