The Things We Miss the Most

Not long after we were given shelter-in-place instructions, I was on a call with several friends and I was asked my thoughts on the situation.

I said I thought one possible positive outcome would be that we would come to an understanding of what is truly important.

The intangibles – health, family, friends, community, connection.

Today I believe perhaps we will also learn to appreciate things we have not fully appreciated in the past: our freedom, those who spend their days with our children – childcare providers, teachers, coaches – as well as healthcare workers, grocery workers, agricultural laborers and others who are still working behind the scenes to keep our essentials available.

Maybe we will change our perspective about those we thought we should look up to.

Maybe we will change the way we live our lives, what we spend our time on, who we celebrate and how often we stop to listen to the birds or watch the full moon rise over the hills.

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