Fearless Writing Challenge; Day 10 or Walking the Walk

I’ll be honest, right about now I am thinking I am a little nuts for committing to this challenge. I mean, truth be told, some most days I am writing the poem of the day in bed at 11:55. Here’s a secret: On those nights I joke that I am going to use my emergency poem that […]

Fearless Writing Challenge; Day 9 or A Break While I Catch My Breath

This post is inspired by Derek Sivers and the now page movement. I decided to write this post today because I’ve had a super-full day and I needed to write something easy and light. Hi, I’m Jessica Johnson. I live in Aptos, California and I’m focused on: Writing a poem a day and posting it on […]

Fearless Writing Challenge Days 7 & 8: Who knew boobs were so heavy?

I’ve read over my last three posts about my big boobs and decades of being stared at, leered at, commented about, and insulted. Who knew the subject of boobs was such a heavy one? I mean figuratively, not literally, because I definitely know how literally heavy they are. There are a couple of things that have […]

Day 6: Final Reflections on the Subject of My Big Boobs

I didn’t realize how angry and objectified comments about my boobs made me feel until I started writing about it. Them. It’s like I have unleashed a lifetime of anger about it. Since I started getting boobs my sophomore year of high school (I was a late bloomer), I’ve been getting unwanted attention from people […]