February Blogging Challenge: Day 2 ~ Share Your Career Journey

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is an image representing my career journey: Ha! Right? The sad thing is, this is basically accurate! My so-called “career journey” has been more like a career spasm. Or a series of misguided adventures, some slightly more successful than others. Let me start by […]

Fearless Writing Challenge: Day 28; My Most Liked Poem a Day Poems…so far

I began writing a short poem a day on January 1, 2017. I don’t know that I planned on writing one every day for a year – maybe I thought I would do 30 or 90 days. But here I am, I’ll be writing Day 246 today, so I really must keep going. I’ll have […]

Fearless Writing Challenge; Day 10 or Walking the Walk

I’ll be honest, right about now I am thinking I am a little nuts for committing to this challenge. I mean, truth be told, some most days I am writing the poem of the day in bed at 11:55. Here’s a secret: On those nights I joke that I am going to use my emergency poem that […]