Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 70: The Time I Got a Standing Ovation in Venice 

I’m planning to do a few posts about some of my favorite trips over the years, and tonight I am starting with a little story about my trip to Venice in 1997. After I graduated with my master’s my then-husband and I took a six-week trip to Italy and France. #dreamvaca While we were in Venice […]

Fearless Writing Day 3: Reflecting On My Bucket List

  After writing yesterday’s post about the bucket list I didn’t think I had until I started writing it down, I felt pretty darn good. My punch list is essentially filled with time spent with friends, family, and loved ones and the beautiful thing about that is I can do that every day. Sure, it’s […]

Fearless Writing Day 2: My Bucket List

I’ve never really had a bucket list. When friends talk about striking things off of their list, I can usually come up with a few trite things that I want to accomplish, or would like to do before I die, but rarely do I think about that. Until recently. I suppose it’s due to a […]