Fearless Writing Challenge; Day 11 or How Floating Brings Clarity

In yesterday’s post, I alluded to a recent professional epiphany I had that I believe will propel me to the next level in my writing career. It’s a very simple concept, the combination of an a ha! moment and a duh! moment,  and it is essentially this: That I am qualified to look for work as a professional, full-time copy or […]

Fearless Writing Day 3: Reflecting On My Bucket List

  After writing yesterday’s post about the bucket list I didn’t think I had until I started writing it down, I felt pretty darn good. My punch list is essentially filled with time spent with friends, family, and loved ones and the beautiful thing about that is I can do that every day. Sure, it’s […]

Poem a Day: Day 39 Pussy Has 9 Lives

    Pussy Has 9 Lives The first time I died I was 7. You sat on your front steps Legs spread Dead eyes staring at me As you said Oops, my peenie fell out.   But pussy has 9 lives.   The second time I died I was 13. You looked at me too […]

On Moving and Life Lessons

In May things were looking good. The end of the school year was mere weeks away and I had a good, solid plan for transitioning from teaching into writing full-time. We had recently – finally, after nearly three years in the house – put the finishing touches on my office space. I was feeling really positive […]