Daily Blog Challenge: Day 20 – The Best Gift I Ever Received

This one is easy – I got the best gift ever just a few weeks ago. It was a late Christmas gift. Do you want to see it? Here it is: Pretty spectacular, isn’t it? The lovely shade of…brown? The slightly discolored cuffs? The missing button? I’m sure you would understand if you could smell it’s […]

Fearless Writing Challenge; Day 41: If I Was a Cat and Had 9 Lives

[note: harvested from my journal circa 2008]  how many lives would I have to live to do all the things I would have liked to do? International class track athlete: Paris, Oslo, Bislet, Eugene. Trainers, coaches, agents, Athletes’ Village. Injuries, ice, sponsorships, qualifying times. Single girl in the Big CIty: writer, temp, model, girlfriend, mistress. New […]

Fearless Writing Challenge, day 26. What to write about when you don’t know what to write about

I gotta tell you, this whole write a blog post everyday idea is tough. It’s one thing to whip out a short poem every day, which, truth be told, ain’t all that easy either, but to write a post that could possibly be conceived as worth reading? Well, that’s a totally different ball of wax. It is […]

Fearless Writing Challenge Day 19: When Will You Remember Me?

I hope you remember me when you see pink roses or smell strong coffee. And of course you will think of me when you hear someone speaking French, or you stand on the Eiffel Tower and are still enough to feel the sway of the floor beneath you and the Parisian wind in your hair. Of course […]

On Moving and Life Lessons

In May things were looking good. The end of the school year was mere weeks away and I had a good, solid plan for transitioning from teaching into writing full-time. We had recently – finally, after nearly three years in the house – put the finishing touches on my office space. I was feeling really positive […]