Fearless Writing Challenge; day’s 81/82: Post-vacation let down

I thought perhaps I would feel re-invigorated after vacation. That maybe the time spent totally in the present, not worrying about the dogs or laundry or dishes would allow space for inspiration to break through.  Nope.  It did let in space for a cold, though.  So, I’m taking a break. I’m in the middle of […]

The Power of the Pen

In the 9 months since I embarked (again) on my quest to become a full-time writer, things have been going well. Each month brings new, exciting opportunities to showcase my writing talent and ability.  While it continues to be a roller coaster, with very high highs and plummeting, heart-stopping lows, I wouldn’t trade it for […]

Fearless Seekers: Are You With Me?

I have spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out what my purpose is, what my “gift” to the world could possibly be. Is it to teach mindfulness?  Or to teach writing?  Is it to help others learn resilience? Or to discover and follow their dreams?  Should I package it all together and lead retreats? […]