Day 11: An Angry Breakthrough

  The other day (Day 11, or 10, f*** it, I don’t even know at this point) I was driving and felt a wave of anger and exasperation overtake me. Hold on, ’cause I’m about to share it with you. [Warning: Bad words may be used.] I realized that holding on to this B.S. about […]

Days 7, 8, 9 and 10: On Appreciating My Achilles’ Heel

I ran last week. Well, I ran and walked. I alternated. But still – I ran! It felt so good! This is basically how I feel after I run about 10 meters: Of course,  I immediately feel better about myself once I am running. It’s just the way I am built – running (and by […]

Day 6: An Ode to My Body

Oh Body, you are made of verdant, rolling hills where secrets are hidden. Home to private hiding places where lovers have met for decades.   Your mounds of velvet have been worn soft by time, seasons, earthquakes big and small.     There are trails worn into your sides, and the fog rolls in each […]

Self-Adoration Day 4 or 5: On Mathematical Errors and Misunderstandings

First of all, I guess this is actually Day FIVE. #mathisnotmystrongpoint I thought of the challenge, posted the first blog post 2 days later, and the actual days of the challenge don’t match up with the number of posts, but what the heck…#whocares #yougetthejist My 21-Day Self-Adoration Challenge ends on my 49th birthday – December […]