On Simplifying and Saying Goodbye.

Saying goodbye after 10 years of blogging.

Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 31: 48 Hours of Blog Lovin’

My writer self has had a fantastic 48 hours. #feelingthelove It started on the 4th with an email from a family friend who sent me a lovely email telling me, “You are such an amazing and talented writer. You dive in with so much grace and veracity in sharing your personal experiences. I’ve always admired […]

Fearless Writing Challenge; Day 11 or How Floating Brings Clarity

In yesterday’s post, I alluded to a recent professional epiphany I had that I believe will propel me to the next level in my writing career. It’s a very simple concept, the combination of an a ha! moment and a duh! moment,  and it is essentially this: That I am qualified to look for work as a professional, full-time copy or […]

Fearless Writing Challenge; Day 9 or A Break While I Catch My Breath

This post is inspired by Derek Sivers and the now page movement. I decided to write this post today because I’ve had a super-full day and I needed to write something easy and light. Hi, I’m Jessica Johnson. I live in Aptos, California and I’m focused on: Writing a poem a day and posting it on […]

Fearless Writing Challenge Days 7 & 8: Who knew boobs were so heavy?

I’ve read over my last three posts about my big boobs and decades of being stared at, leered at, commented about, and insulted. Who knew the subject of boobs was such a heavy one? I mean figuratively, not literally, because I definitely know how literally heavy they are. There are a couple of things that have […]