Got Silence?

The first time I went on a silent retreat was ten years ago.   It was over the weekend of my 40th birthday. When I told my then husband that I wanted to spend $300 to go away for four days of writing and silence and leave him with our children –  who were two […]

Fearless Writing Challenge, Day 30: Five Things I Am Not Afraid of Anymore

Sorry Dear Readers, but the best I can do tonight is another list. I have several “better” ideas, for more in-depth posts, but I haven’t felt motivated to talk about donating a kidney to my sister, or the time I got a standing ovation in Venice, or the exercise we did in graduate school where everyone stood […]


A couple of days ago I had coffee with a dear friend. We were talking about how I was feeling frazzled and hesitant and she said sometimes you just have to forget the “ready” and go for it. So I did. I aimed. I fired. And the sign-up page for my first Power of the […]