The Power of the Pen

In the 9 months since I embarked (again) on my quest to become a full-time writer, things have been going well. Each month brings new, exciting opportunities to showcase my writing talent and ability.  While it continues to be a roller coaster, with very high highs and plummeting, heart-stopping lows, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
I recently took a big step and signed up for Marie Forleo’s B-School program. That means I am knee-deep in visioning and creating my dream business. This vision is grounded in a new understanding of (and belief in) what I have to offer the world. It incorporates my training as a counselor (I have my M.Ed. in Counseling and Psychological Services), my years of teaching and coaching experience, as well as aspects of my past entrepreneurial ventures.
This will be an opportunity for me to share the stories of my life – stories of bravery, resilience, and dedication. I believe that writing has been what has anchored me to the world through two divorces, the death of my mother at age 61 from early onset dementia, too many abusive relationships, bouts of depression, bankruptcy, and other experiences that have tested me over the years.
I know I am not alone in the challenges I have faced (and, as a parent to a teen, frankly still face), nor am I alone in experiencing the transformative experience of writing. Poetry saves lives. Reading others’ stories gives us comfort and hope. Writing our own stories helps us process what we have been through and make sense of our experiences, feelings, and dreams.
Writing has given me clarity. Writing with others has given me courage and strength and hope. I look forward to offering this to you through weekly writing groups, daylong immersions, weekend retreats, and, eventually, long retreats in magical places.
Please sign up to be one of the first to hear about my upcoming classes!
In gratitude and with excitement,

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